Greta Goforth, L.Ac, HHP, MSTOM
I am both a holistic health practitioner and a state/nationally licensed acupuncturist, licensed since 2007. I began my career as a massage therapist in 2001 and then progressed to become a holistic health practitioner at the School of Healing Arts in Pacific Beach, CA (1000 hours of training, graduating in 2002). I proceeded to complete the 4 year program at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Mission Valley, CA(3300 hours of training and 3 years of internships), earning my Master's Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) in 2007. Following the Master's degree program, I completed an intensive specialization program in Sports and Orthopedic Medicine, taught by Matt Callison L.Ac. I specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, either acute or chronic, and incorporate both acupuncture and massage into my practice. I have successfully passed all national and state exams for acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine, as well as the national board's test for holistic health/bodywork. In addition, I hold a B.S. in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, which I incorporate into my practice by the use of herbal medicine and nutrition. I love my career as an acupuncturist, and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Training in China
During my last year in school, I travelled on a study abroad program to Chengdu China where I spent the summer training in the university's two building, six story hospital of traditional chinese medicine. I interned in the acupuncture, diabetes, orthopedic, and OB/GYN departments. I ended the trip to China with a visit to Tibet which was very fulfilling.

Herbal and Nutritional Medicine
In addition to acupuncture and massage, I both live and prescribe a healthy lifestyle. I believe in taking good care of myself, and eat a healthy organic diet full of fruits and vegetables as well as exercising, running, or surfing daily. In college, I worked as a yoga teacher and brought the Ashtanga yoga tradition to Madison, Wisconsin. I also worked as a horticulturalist: during my college internship I redesigned and expanded the herbal medicine area at Quail Botanical Gardens to include more than 100 medicinal plants, with a description of how they have been used traditionally. I prescribe affordable and effective herbal supplements to my clients, as well as nutritional therapy and specific yoga stretches to accelerate the healing process.

Certified Sports Medicine Specialist (R)
I am a graduate of the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Certification program with Matt Callison, L.Ac, MSTOM. We completed a year long series of intensive seminars consisting of Anatomy/Palpation with a cadavar lab, detailed acupuncture protocols for all musculoskeletal conditions, soft tissue release, and physical assessment/corrective exercises. To graduate from the program, I passed 4 module exams and a rigorous, comprehensive practical exam. Make your own website