What is a Sports/Orthopedic Medicine Acupuncture session like?
During a typical treatment, I begin with a general exam and intake (15 minutes). I then perform acupuncture (10-15 hair thin needles upon average) and will let you rest in a state of relaxation for 20 minutes. During this time, I may apply moxibustion (a warming treatment to add energy, strength, and vitality) or mild electrical stimulation (a tens unit applied to the acupuncture site that creates a gentle tapping of the needles and enhances pain relief). I follow the acupuncture with a 15 minute massage and find the combination of acupuncture and massage, when massage is performed directly following the acupuncture, to be far more effective than just acupuncture or massage alone.

And, of course, I have both a radiant space heater and a heated table so you will never be cold during the treatment and can adjust the temperature to your liking.

Acupuncture for Internal Medicine Issues
If your health issues do not require massage, I also specialize in performing very thorough and comprehensive 1 hour acupuncture sessions. These consist of a 15 minute intake and exam, a treatment face-up, and a second treatment face down. These treatments get by far the best results because I am able to combine both the orthopedics and traditional chinese system of acupuncture with Dr. Tan's balance method to really reinforce and tackle a specific issue. Clients find these treatments extremely effective. I also prescribe Chinese herbs if needed.

90 minute session of acupuncture/massage
I customize each treatment for the client according to your needs and requests. You are welcome to expand your treatment to 90 minutes, adding on a 30 minute massage/acupuncture session for an additional fee.

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